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Learn to Sea Kayak

ACA-certified Instructor Steve Cramer on edge in Tomales Bay

What: Two days of basic strokes, maneuvers, and rescue skills
            One day on quiet water, the second in mild surf.
           The level of instruction will be geared to the skill level
           of the participants.

Where: Charleston, South Carolina

When: May 24-26, 2013

Do I need to own a boat? No, boats are available for rent for less than $50/day.

How much will this cost? $140 for instruction, plus boat rental if needed.

To learn more, use the links on the sidebar to see the logistical arrangements, a map, reports from prior clinics, and feedback from former students. When you've seen enough, click on Registration Form to sign up. Or call 706-540-3379 for more information.